LORA XL1278 Long Range RF Wireless Module

600.00 Br

  • Using FSK / GFKS technology and LoRa (remote) spread spectrum technology
  • Half duplex communication.
  • Super anti-jamming (channel rejection ratio: 56db)
  • High Receive Sensitivity: 139dbm. (32M Passive 10ppm Crystal)
  • ISM multi-band, no need to apply for frequency free use.
  • Multi-frequency and a variety of transmission rate for chosen. Can be used in FDMA and FM technology.
  • Intelligent reset, low voltage monitoring, timer wakeup, low power mode, sleep mode.
  • Low power consumption to accept current: 10-12mA
  • 256-bit FIFO TX / RX
  • RSSI channel detection function
  • Transmission mode: FIFO / direct mode (recommended FIFO pack mode)
  • FC / air wake-up function / low power / carrier sense / FEC error correction / AEC encryption
  • Ultra-long distance transmission open up to 5KM.
  • LORA XL1278 Long Range RF Wireless Module

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