4 inch Touch Screen TFT LCD Display 480×320

3,500.00 Br

  • 4 inch Touch Screen TFT LCD Display 480×320 Designed for Raspberry Pi XPT2046 Controller 125MHz High-Speed SPI for Any Revision of Raspberry Pi (Directly-pluggable)


  • 125MHz High-Speed SPI signal transmission, clear & stable display effect
  • 480×320 hardware resolution;
  • Resistive touch control;
  • Supports any revision of Raspberry Pi (directly-pluggable)
  • Drivers provided (works with your own Raspbian/Ubuntu/Kali/Retropie);
  • Supports FBCP software driver as well, allows to configure software resolution and set up dual-display
  • Combined with the Raspberry Pi (refresh rate up to 50Hz),
  • allows you to:Watch videos (multi formats like MP4);
  • Play video games (RetroPie, take a bite);
  • Take photos by touching (up to 17 camera modes);
  • Use software keyboard (system interaction without keyboard/mouse)