Ball Screw 1605

9,500.00 Br

  • Coupler + Ball Screw¬† 1605 end Machined + RM1605 Single Ball Nut + BK12BF
  • 1 x SFU1605 any length with ball nut and end machined
  • 1 set BKBF12 (with locking nut and locking)
  • Inner Hole Diameter 10 x 14 mm Coupling
  • Very high torque vibration absorption, suitable for high torque transmission. High hardness, durability, excellent response, not easy to loosen
  • Coupling flexibility eliminates stress between motor and drive parts, and coupling can be disassembled and used in combination.Couplings are mainly used in CNC machine tools, servo motors, spindles, stepper motors, etc.
  • Ball Screw 1605 4ocm long

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