CD4013 Flip-Flop

100.00 Br

  • The IC 4013 incorporates two sets of identical, discrete data-type or D-type flip flop modules.
  • Each module is further equipped with a group of pin-outs, assigned as data, set, reset, clock inputs, and a couple of complementary outputs, Q and Q‾.
  • D-type flip flops refer to circuits which may have a couple of outputs that change or toggle states in response to triggers applied at the input terminals.
  • Flip flops are essential in data storage.
  • They are electronic circuits with two stable states used to store binary data.
  • Such a circuit has one or more control inputs and one or two outputs. By applying varying input, the data stored can be changed.
  • The CD4013 or IC-4013 is a CMOS logic chip with two D-Type (DATA) Flip-flops. A clock pulse flow to C (clock pin), will store the data at the D input. Connect clock and both Q output to make a toggle flip-flop for counting.


  • Simple Touch Operated Flip Flop Switch
  • Clap Switch

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