DB3 Diac

20.00 Br

  • DB3 DIAC DO-35 Glass Package Diode
  • VmBO: 32V
  • Max. Forward Current : 10 mA
  • Max. Forward Voltage : 36V
  • Max. Reverse Current : 10uA
  • Max. Reverse Voltage : 28 to 36V
  • Functioning as a trigger diode with a fixed voltage reference, the DB3 can be used in conjunction with triacs for simplified gate control circuits or as a starting element in fluorescent lamp ballasts
  • DB3 Diac Trigger Diode

For general-purpose applications

  • Glass-passivated three-layer for triggering thyristors
  • Low breakover current at breakover voltage
  • For use in thyristor phase-control circuit for lamp dimming, universal-motor speed control and heat control