DC Power Jack

150.00 Br

  • Dc Power Jack Cable Female Connector Plug Adapter for LED Strip Lights CCTV Camera Arduino Projects
  • Solderless power cable connectors, a must for camera surveillance systems
  • Simple product to use to connect power supply with microcontroller porjects

Diameter of connector:

  • Positive/Pin 2.1mm
  • Negative/Sleeve: 5.5mm


  • These led power converters are fine for connecting to a 12v power supply for some LED strip lights
  • Nice utility connector for low voltage wiring.Use these for all of the projects requiring low voltage power connectors
  • Makes it easy to build power cords
  • Handy,Awesomeness & simplicity,Easy to install, well made
  • These make connecting LEDs to power very simple

Package includes

  • Male DC Jack – 1
  • Female DC Jack – 1

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