DD7818TA 3.3V/12V DC-DC Buck Converter

500.00 Br

  • Input Voltage: DC 10-80V
  • Output Voltage: DC 3.3V/12V
  • Maximum Current: 2.1A
  • Small size, stable performance and high reliability.
  • Support for input setback polarity protection and TVS over voltage protection.
  • Operates at 100KHz with a maximum conversion efficiency of 93%
  • Application: Electric Bicycle E-Bike Motorcycle, CCTV Camera, RS485 Equipment, Motor Toy Wifi Router, Network Equipment, Multimeter Instrumentation, Electric Toys, Smart Home / Place Automation, Battery Powered Equipment
  • Note: Input voltage can not be greater than the uttermost input range.
    Output power can not be greater than the utmost load for a long time

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