Electric Grinder Drimel 180W

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  • Speed of Grinder: 6-Speed
  • Collect Capacity: 0.5 – 3.2mm Max
  • Diameter of grinding wheel: Less than 10mm
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Cycle: 50-60Hz
  • Power: 180W
  • Input Current: 1A
  • RPM: 8000 – 30,000 per minute
  • Total Weight with carry case: 2kg
  • Dimension of carry case 38 x 36 x 5.5 cm/14.9 x 14.2 x 2.2 in
  • The rotary tool is a multi-purpose tool which is able to cut, drill, polish, grind, sand and engrave including many other uses, based on the accessory attached to the collet
  • It works on a high speed, low torque principle where the revolution can attain 30,000 rpm compare to a typical 2,800 rpm electric drill. The speed combined with the proper accessory does the work. The user simply hold and guide it to task
  • Includes a range of accessories run to 162 pieces, you’ll select and use the different kinds of bistrique fittings
  • It puts to use flexible axle, which is flexibility of use. You can use it like to conveniently like to use a pen
  • It’s powerful. It is infinitive stage transmission. It can be fast or slow at will and deal with the materials of any hardness.
  • It can be stored easily
  • Made in Germany


  • SFC-Tools S1J-AJ4-10 180W (Strong Jade carving quality) 6-Speed Mini Grinder With Plastic Carry Case, 230V
  • Suitable for aluminum alloy, copper, metal, plastic and wood | Rotary Tools. Code: S1J-AJ4-10
  • There are a lot of big or small size of sandpaper rolls. They are suit to Polish wood or trim plastics smoothly. They are needed to use with the fixed link of the sandpaper roll.
  • There are drilling heads with diameter 1.6mm, 2.35mm, 3.17mm, which can perforate in metal plates woods and plastics.
  • There are 5 woolen polished sections which are matched up with abrasive paste. They are suit to Polish on metals and plastics.
  • Rotary file 3 units including bulb head, trigonocephaly, cylindrical head, use for large amount of cutting, and it is more suitable for aluminum alloy, copper, wood, plastic and so on.
  • There are 7 alloy grindings with ball head trigonocephalia and column head. They are used frequently while grinding. DOT grindings and line grindings are used more than anything else. For instance, it can figuring outline of abroach, trim corner pin, carve pattern and so on. There have been a past master used these grinding heads to draw a map of Atlantic Ocean.
  • There are 10 grinding wheel heads with disk cylinder and cone. It is suit to burnish face, in especial burnish on large areas.
  • There are 3 plastic brushs, a wire brush, 3 copper wire brushs. Each type of them have 3 shapes as disk, stroke shape, calathiform. They have such functions as stain, paint, chip removal, cleaning and decontamination. You should choose the brush with different material on the basis of the PHR of the processed. The plastic brush is the softest. (it is suitable for use on plastics & wood). Cooper wire brush is placed in the middle (it is suitable for use on copper and alum.). Wire brush is hardest. (it is suitable for use on steel, iron, bowlder).
  • There are 2 bottles of grinding cream. They are used with woolen polished section.
  • There are 4 chucks. They are used to clamp drill head or grinding heads with different diamertral.
  • There are 10 disk grinding wheel heads. They can groove wood or plastics. They can burnish metal also.
  • There is a oil stone. It is used to grind the active face of the broach.
  • There are 3 fixed rolls of cutting blade and a fixed roll of Polish.
  • There is a slat sand paper, It is suit to pre-burnish surface.
  • There is a chuck locking wrench.
  • There are 5 double wire side large incion slices. They can cut the steel plate easily and they are durable. The diameter is wide (32mm)so it is suit to cut straight line. And small resin incision slice is suit to cut bight line. You should use double wire side large incion slice if you want to cut a hole in the steel plate.
  • There are 66 resin incision slices. The diameters are 24mm. The insin slices are edge tool to reconstractive MOD case. They can incise the computer case’s side plate which diameters are less than 3mm. They can chop an artistic design.