FM Transmitter Module

450.00 Br

  • I2C interface 5V TTL compatible
  • for Arduino plug and play
  • Onboard MIC
  • VCC Input: 3.0V ~ 5.0V
  • It is conceived audio interface, and used for microphone or audio wire signal.
  • Audio entrance signal regulating of amplitude and microphone regulating of sensitivity.
  • Wireless FM audio microphone stereo-transmission FM radio small power.
  • Antenna port on the board,Any metal line about 75cm can serves as an antenna.
  • FM range from 70-108 MHz
  • FM Transmitter Module V2.0 Digital FM Radio Module for Arduino Microphone Audio
  • This module could modulate your voice on the FM radio wave(70-108 MHz). And anyone who has a radio device could receive it.
  • which makes it very easy to build a tiny radio station.

you could wire them in the following way :
for Arduino connect with FM Module as below :
GND connect with GND
5V connect with VCC
SDA connect with SDA
SCL connect with SCL
Then connect the antenna.
Any metal line about 75cm can serves as an antenna.

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