LM358 Operational Amplifier

50.00 Br

  • Two high gain operational amplifiers in a single package.
  • The DC gain of the IC is 100dB
  • Both the internal operational amplifiers can be operated from a single supply.
  • Easily be operated from wide supply that is from 3V to 30V.
  • It can also be operated with dual power supplies, from ±1.5V to ±15V.
  • Very low operating current only around 500uA
  • 1MHz bandwidth which is wide enough for this type of IC
  • It can be easily used with microcontrollers and logic devices.
  • Thanks to its standard pinout structure due to which it can easily be replaced with other operational amplifiers.
  • Internally short circuit protected


  • Sensor Circuits
  • Small Signal Amplification
  • General Op Amp Circuits
  • Audio Preamplifiers

One of the main feature of this IC is its low current consumption that makes it ideal to use with battery operated projects or devices. It can be operated with a wide range of supply which is from 3V to 32V DC due to which it can easily be used with low voltage logic devices and microcontrollers.

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