Arduino Nano Expansion Shield

350.00 Br

  • Extension module for Arduino Nano boards
  • It is a perfect companion of Nano breadboard and compatible with both Nano v2.x and v3.x.
  • This module makes it easier to make prototype systems using small Arduino Nano boards
  • After soldering the additional pins on the outside of the board, we get a clone of the Arduino UNO board (the same pins and contacts)
  • The module has made the pins of all the contacts of the Arduino plates and additionally 12V power socket with 5V power adapter
  • RESET button
  • Shield has a standard 2.54mm raster – practically all electronic devices fit them (integrated circuits, passive elements, plugs, etc.)
  • Proto shield has 2 buttons and 2 LEDs that can be used in any way.
  • The board allows access to all Arduino pins.
  • Dimensions: 70x54mm

Ports outlets on pin headers

  • 14 I / O Pin (Servo Type with GND, Power and Signal)
  • 8 analog and GND
  • 6 PWM
  • 1 servo power input
  • I2C output
  • 3.3V output
  • NANO I/O Expansion Sensor Module Shield Board I2C PWM Servo Analog AREF for Arduino R3 Nano V3.0 3.3V Output ONE

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