Plasma Electrode Tip Nozzle

450.00 Br

  • Model: P80
  • Cutting Current: Up to 100A / 100% duty cycle
  • Can be used: LGK-63IGBT / LGK-100IGBT and other types up to 100A
  • Cooling Type: Air cooling
  • Nozzle size: 1.1,1.3 or 1.5mm

1.1mm P80 Nozzle

  • Cutting current: 40A
  • Cutting thickness: 0 – 6mm

1.3mm P80 Nozzle

  • Cutting current: 60A
  • Cutting thickness: 6 – 10mm

1.5mm P80 Nozzle

  • Cutting current: 80A
  • Cutting thickness: 10 – 18mm
  • Plasma Electrode Tip Nozzle
  • Plasma Cutting Torch for up to 100A
  • Can be used for LGK-63IGBT and LGK-100IGBT or any other type of plasma up to 100A cutting current.
  • The P80 is widely used and widely known around the world so it is easy to obtain consumables for this model of plasma cutting torch.

Package includes

  • Plasma Electrode Tip*1
  • Nozzle*1