Real Time Clock

400.00 Br

  • Operating Voltage: 2.3 – 5.5 Volts
  • Operating Temperature: -45 – 80°C
  • Maximum Voltage: VCC+0.3 Volts
  • Battery Backup Current: 500 mA
  • Accuracy at -40 – 80°C: ±3.5 ppm
  • Accuracy at 0 – 40°C: ± 2.0 ppm
  • Temperature Accuracy: 3°C
  • Can function with low voltages
  • A programmable Square-wave output as per requirement
  • A battery backup to stay updated even if there is no power
  • A dual-directional, 400 kHz of I2C interface for speedy transmission
  • 32 bytes of EEPROM for to read/write or to save data
  • 2 Time-of-day alarm clocks
  • A pushbutton to reset time
  • RTC can be used either in 12hrs or 24hrs format
  • An aging trim register to set a user-provided value as an offset with reference to the factory value
  • Maintains seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years information
  • Switches automatically from a power source to an in-built battery source
  • DS3231 RTC module is a famous real-time clock in the market for its accurate results.
  • It is an affordable system that manages Time and Date with high precision.
  • This small-sized module has six pins, an inter-integrated (I2C) interface for data transmission, and a battery cell for power-backup.
  • DS3231 Real-time Module comes with a TWI interface, two alarm clocks, and an inbuilt temperature-compensated crystal Oscillator.


  • The DS1302 trickle-charge timekeeping chip module with battery backup contains a real-time clock/calendar and 31 bytes of static RAM. It communicates with a microprocessor via a simple serial interface.
  • The real-time clock counts minutes, seconds, date, hours, month day of the week, year and leap-year compensation up to 2100.
  • Read / Write clock or RAM data with two kinds of mode of single-byte transfer mode and multi-byte character set
  • 8 pin DIP package or optional 8 pin SOIC package based on the surface assembly
  • Simple 3 wire interface
  • Compatible with TTL Vcc=5V
  • Double power supply pipe for main power and backup power supply.

DS1302 and single-chip microcomputer can simply use synchronous serial communication method, only three lines:

(1) RST
(2) I/O reset the data line
(3) SCLK serial clock.

  • Clock /RAM read/write data to a byte character set or as many as 31-byte communication. DS1302 work power consumption is very low to keep the data and clock information when power is less than 1mW

Wiring method (to provide procedures, for example, can pick up any IO port, in the procedure to modify the port definitions :

CLK: P02
DAT: P01
RST: P00