10.00 Br

  • PNP and NPN are bipolar junction transistors (BJTs).
  • BJTs are made of doped materials and allow current amplification.
  • PNP and NPN transistors provide amplification or switching capability.

NPN type

  • BC547, BC548, BC549,
  • BC550, , BC147, BC148
  • BC107, BC517, BC337
  • C1815, C548, C945
  • BF494, BF495, S9013
  • S9014, S9018, S8050
  • 2N2222, 2N3904, 2N5551


  • BC558, BC327, BC556, S8550, BC557
  • A733, S9012, S9015, 2N3906, A1015

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