Voltage Sensor Module

400.00 Br

  • Input Voltage: 0 to 25V
  • Voltage Detection Range:  0.02445 to 25
  • Analog Voltage Resolution: 0.00489V
  • Needs no external components
  • Easy to use with Microcontrollers
  • Dimensions: 4 × 3 × 2 cm
  • Voltage Sensor is a precise low-cost sensor for measuring voltage. It is based on the principle of resistive voltage divider design. It can make the red terminal connector input voltage to 5 times smaller.
  • Small in size, light weight, convenient to use.
  • Analog input voltages up to 5V,
  • The voltage detection module input voltage not greater than 5Vx5=25V.
  • Output Interface : + connected 5/3.3V, – connected GND, s connected Aduino AD pins.
  • DC input interface : red terminal positive with VCC, negative with GND.

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