Digital Voltmeter Ammeter

650.00 Br

  • Working voltage of the meter itself: DC 4-30V
  • Note: the maximum input voltage cannot exceed 30V. Otherwise, the meter will burn out.
  • Working current of the meter itself: ≤ 20mA
  • Voltage measurement range: DC 0-100V
  • Current measurement range: DC 0-10A
  • Voltage Resolution (V): 0.1V
  • Current resolution (A): 0.01A
  • Measurement accuracy: 1% (± 1 digit)
  • Display: 0.28-inch digital tube, blue and red two colors
  • Refresh rate: about 300mS/times
  • Size: approx. 48x29x26mm
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~+65℃
  • Digital Voltmeter Ammeter LED Dual Digital Display Amplifier Voltage Current Meter Test Panel DC 100V 10A For Car

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