Zener Diode

5.00 Br

  • 1W 1N47/ZM47 Series Zener Diodes.
  • A Zener diode can be applied in a voltage regulator circuit to regulate the voltage applied to a load, such as in a linear regulator.
  • It can also be used as a wave form clipper and voltage shifter.
  • It’s Zener voltage varies from
  • 1N4728A- 3.3V, 1N4729A- 3.6V,
  • ZM4730A- 3.9V, 1N4731A- 4.3V,
  • ZM4731A- 4.3V,1N4732A- 4.7V,
  • ZM4732A- 4.7V, 1N4733A- 5.1V,
  • 1N4734A- 5.6V, 1N4735A- 6.2V,
  • ZM4737A- 7.5V, 1N4738A- 8.2V,
  • 1N4739A- 9.1V, ZM4740A- 10V,
  • ZM4741A- 11V, 1N4742A- 12V.

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