Arduino Pro Mini

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  • ATmega328 running at 16MHz with external resonator (0.5% tolerance),
  • PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) Pins 6
  • USB connection off board,
  • Supports auto-reset,
  • 5V regulator,
  • Max 150mA output, Over current protected,
  • DC input 5V up to 12V, On board Power and Status LEDs.
  • Analog Pins: 8
  • Digital I/Os: 14
  • 0.8mm Thin PCB,
  • Flash Memory 32KB
  • SRAM 2KB
  • Bootloader 0.5KB in Flash Memory.
  • Built-in Programmer unavailable
  • USB Port unavailable


  • Arduino Pro Mini is a compact, small-sized & application-type microcontroller board, developed by and comes with an Atmega328 microcontroller incorporated on the board.
  • This board comes with 14 Digital I/O Pins, out of which 6 pins are used for providing PWM output.
  • Arduino Pro Mini Pinout also consists of 8 Analog Pins.
  • The size of Arduino Pro Mini is 1/6th of the size of Arduino Uno, so it’s quite small as compared to Arduino UNO.
  • In order to reduce the size, the USB port & built-in programmer are removed from Arduino Pro Mini, so after uploading code you can simply place it in your application
  • Arduino Pro Mini also has a Reset Button and a small LED connected to pin number 13

Arduino Pro Mini comes with 3 types of built-in memories:

  • Flash Memory of 32KB out of which 0.5KB is used by the bootloader code. Flash Memory is a non-volatile memory and is used for storing the programming code. As it’s a non-volatile memory so it stores information even if the connection with the power supply is lost.
  • SRAM of 2KB.  SRAM(Static Random Access Memory) usually referred to as RAM memory is a volatile memory and is used to store temporary data i.e. variables. It loses data if we cut off the power supply.
  • EEPROM of 1KB.  EEPROM is a semi-volatile memory and thus can be erased by programming.

Arduino Pro Mini stand out from others, especially where space requirement of the project is highly concerned.