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  • Fan type : Brushless Blower Fan
  • Bearing type : oil bearing
  • Operating Voltage : 24V
  • Operating current : 0.1A
  • Dimensions : 40 x 40 x 10mm
  • Fit for Ender-3、Ender-3 Pro、Ender-3S、Ender-3 v2、Ender-3 Max、Ender-5、Ender-5s、Ender-5 Pro、 Ender—5 Plus、Ender_6、CR-5 Pro H、CR-X、CR-X Pro、CR-6 SE、CR-6 Max、CR-30 (Installation Position for Nozzle)
  • This fan helps to improve overall printing quality by ensuring that the results of your printing are accurate to your original design, without any strange distortions that could cause the parts to be the wrong size, often rendering them useless


  • This 4010 24V Blower Fan has been designed and stocked specifically for the Creality Ender 3 and CR-20 printers, and is 24V to accommodate the unique 24V supplies of these controller boards.
  • It features all of the necessary wiring and mounting hole configurations that the Ender 3 and CR-20 use, and are specially designed to fit on the side of the Hotend Assembly to direct effective airflow onto the prints below the nozzle.