High Voltage Generator

750.00 Br

  • DC 3V‑6V to 400kV 400000V Boost Step‑Up Power Module High Voltage Transformer
  • input voltage: DC 3 V to 6 V
  • Input current: 2 A – 5 A
  • High pressure type: the type of pulse current
  • Output voltage: 400000 v(Please pay attention to safety)
  • High pressure discharge distance between: 10 mm – 20 mm
  • The output high voltage wire length: 100 mm
  • Input power cord length: 100 mm (the red line is positive)
  • Wiring:Red and green power connection red line:”+” green line “-“
  • output: the other side ,same color cable
  • High Voltage Transformer has a high power of 3‑6v, which can ignite cigarettes and paper immediately, and high frequency, good quality, easy to use.
  • This Super High Voltage Booster Module can be used as a high‑voltage source for high school scientific experiments, electronic instruments and small scientific experiments.
  • High Voltage Module can generate high temperature and high frequency arc and easily ignite combustible.This high‑voltage transformer should avoid using electricity under high‑voltage no‑load conditions.
  • DC Boost Step Up Power Module High Voltage Generator is 400000V, please use it under safe conditions.The DC 3V‑6V To 400kV 400000V High Voltage Generator should avoid the use of electricity in high voltage no-load .
  • (Power must be adjusted to a suitable distance to the high-voltage output line , battery capacity is proportional to the distance and the use of the high-pressure arc ( not a voltage as high as possible , you must provide enough current ) . Experimental test of the arc distance from short to long ,Do not exceed the maximum arc distance electricity, energy can not be released due to high pressure , can easily damage the module. )
  • Intermittent ,continuous work does not allow more than 1 minute and the output side does not allow shorting . Improper voltage and long working hours easily damaged module.


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