Soldering Mask

600.00 Br

  • Solder Mask Ink
  • MECHANIC LVH900-GY Green UV Curing Solder Mask Ink
  • 10ml UV green paint.
  • Insulates circuit boards against short circuit and electric arc.
  • This paint is used to protect PCB marks from corrosion and moisture.
  • A UV light is required to cure the colour.
  • Used for repairing circuit boards after soldering and reworking.
  • Used for shielding jumper wire after micro soldering.
  • Recommended for protection on mobile phone logic boards
  • Apply paint on the PCB.
  • Spread it on the PCB covered with a transparent mask film.
  • Expose under UV light (or Sun) for 3 minutes.
  • Wash special paints by gasoline or oil base solvents.
  • Mechanic GY-UVH900 UV Resistant Soldering Mask 10ml Green

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