Soldering Station Gordak 952

9,900.00 Br

  • 270W Gordak 952 Soldering Station + Heat Gun 2 in 1 SMD BGA Rework Station
  • GORDAK 952 patch rework station
  • BGA motherboard repair soldering station
  • soldering ironhot air gun air station
  • Soldering Station Gordak 952
  • Gordak Double Digital Soldering Station
  • 952 is in combination with double digital display maintenance performance overall, with anti-static function.
  • With 1¬†hot air desoldering and 1¬†soldering iron , non contact pads, can be exempted from parts of displacement and thermal shock
  • It is very suitable for the repair of the BGA circuit board, the combination of multi function anti-static maintenance, can safely and effectively remove the flat IC, and can ensure that the PCB board is not damaged
  • Composed of heating wire and large flow of professional super static pump, has a long life, the advantages of stable temperature. At the same time welding demolition work for different components
  • The output voltage of the electric soldering iron is 24V to prevent leakage and damage the circuit board
  • The utility model is provided with an automatic dormancy device, which can avoid unnecessary heating, prolong the service life of the whole machine, and save energy

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