16mm Linear Bearing with Housing

1,100.00 Br

SC16UU 16mm Linear Bearing

  • SC16UU Housing With Linear Bearing Slider Bushing, Bearing For 16mm Shaft
  • Dimension : H-38.5mm,W-50mm,L-44mm
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Bore Size : 16mm
  • Tolerance : 0-0.009
  • Rust Proof

SBR16UU 16mm Linear Bearing

  • Main parts:Aluminum housing + LM16UU-OPen linear ball bearings
  • The built-in material: Bearing Steel
  • Bore size:16mm
  • Dimension : H-31mm,W-44mm,L-44mm


  • 16mm Linear Motion Ball Bearing Slide Bushing Linear Shaft for CNC 16mm Linear Shaft
  • Material: Bearing Steel
  • Used in CNC machines, linear stages, 3D printers and other devices that utilize 16mm diameter linear shafts.

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