1N5819 Schottky Diode

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  • The 1N5819 is a Schottky diode with a low forward voltage drop and high switching speed. It is commonly used in high frequency applications like Inverters, DC-DC converters etc.
  • Schottky Rectifier Diode
  • Average forward current is 1A
  • Forward Surge Current is 25A
  • Forward Voltage Drop 600mV at 1A
  • Peak reverse voltage is 40V
  • RMS Reverse Voltage is 28V


  • 1N5819 Schottky Diode
  • The 1N5819 is a Schottky Diode with forward voltage drop of 600mV and a forward current of 1A. Since it has a very low forward voltage drop it can be used in reverse polarity protection circuits, unlike a normal diode which has more than 1V as forward voltage drop 1N5819 only has 600mV drop across it when 1A current is flowing through it.
  • Compared to normal diodes Schottky diode also has relatively faster switching speeds and hence can be used in high frequency switching circuits. The reverse blocking voltage for 1N5819 is about 28V.

Applications of Diode

  • Can be used to prevent reverse polarity problem
  • High Frequency Inverters
  • Used as a protection device
  • Current flow regulators
  • Polarity Protection applications
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