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  • CNC Engraving Cutting Machine Control Kit 5.4.49 Ncstudio Control Card XHC WHB02 USB Wireless Remote Handle

Features of NC Studio USB Wireless Remote Handle

  • Performance or characteristic parameters:
  • WHB02 Wireless Handwheel is a new product for NC studio systems and video cards. widely used in furniture
  • Production of engraving machines, advertising field processing, stone processing. Used for Weihong NCStudio5.449,
  • NCStudio8.202 version and so on.
  • Has a step value indication, easily indicates the step value, displays 1X, 10X for the current sculpture, or a continuous state.
  • High-speed instructions
  • Boot indicator light, handle battery undervoltage operation alarm Key Part: Integrated Handle

General Machine Operator Key Function

  • Feed adjustment
  • Start/Pause function
  • X, Y, Z axis adjustment;
  • X, Y, Z axis CLEAR function;
  • floating knife;
  • Axis on/off function
  • reversing origins;
  • return original work piece;
  • Engrave open file feature, choose file to engrave and much more.

Working Principle:

  • Traditional engraving machine, you work for engraving machine with computer, worker need to cooperate between engraving machine and computer, work inefficiency and operation is inconvenient, and WHB02 wireless controller which is equivalent to hand-held computer operator, standing directly in front of engraving machine, The engraving machine operates normally and brings convenience for work

NC Studio WHB02Functions:

  • supports 3-axis position adjustment
  • has processing start, stop, machining feed axis adjustment open stop function
  • View Barrier transmission distance: 60 4 meters
  • support in the same room, 64 sets of remote control simultaneously, no interference.
  • low-power design, 2 AAA batteries can be used for 2 months.


  • CNC Engraving Cutting Machine Control Kit 5.4.49 Ncstudio Control Card XHC WHB02 USB Wireless Remote Handle
  • The system directly supports UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, CorelDRAW and other CAD CAM software generated G-code, PLT code format engraving processing files, ENG code format (engraving file format without conversion, reading take)
  • The system can be used in a variety of three-dimensional sculptures, three-dimensional engraving and milling machines.
  • Applicable to all kinds of complex mold processing, advertising and decoration, cutting and other industries.
  • The basic configuration for the three axis of the Motion CNC turret supports automatic processing. Supports ISO G Command, HP plotter (HP PLT), format engraving processing (ENG), format manual function.
  • Support both through machine input devices such as portable devices and other manipulation tools, supported by embedded computer input devices such as keyboard, mouse, complete with manual incremental feed function.
  • Users can accurately set the feed rate, and can adjust. flexibly in steps.
  • User Input (MDI) Users enter the G command line and immediately perform advanced processing instructions. Just enter 3 parameters, you can complete the end of crochet and so on.
  • Single-step Users can set up job processing to be performed as a single-step mode, in which fault diagnosis and recovery are supported.
  • Breakpoint memory, hops perform other advanced automatic features. Save/recall workpiece ORIGIN function, spindle feed, precision origin back. (Reference point).
  • Automated tool functionality These features provide users with great convenience and processing line feedrate adjustment in the process, the user can adjust the feed rate to a minimum of 0, equivalent to suspended processing; 120%.
  • 3D simulation display function By simple operation, it can be observed from different angles, dimensional processing results, more accurate and more intuitive understanding of the machining results. You can perform a fast simulation of the machining program processing can be done within a very short period of time, while checking for errors and processing steps, the processing results are satisfactory, and can be done at any time. Accurately calculate the actual processing time needed.

Product includes

  • 1 x Engraving Machine System Control Card
  • 1 x Breakout Board
  • 1 x 3 Meter Cable
  • 1 x NC Studio USB Wireless Remote Handle
  • 1 x USB Wireless Receiver