LM393 Comparator

50.00 Br

  • Dual Comparator in a single package
  • Wide power supply Range
  1.     Singe supply – 2V to 36V
  2.     Dual supply – ±1V to ±18V
  • Drain Current of only 0.4mA
  • Input Offset Voltage is ±5mV maximum
  • Power Dissipation: 660mW
  • Can Drive most of the TTL and MOS loads
  • Output can be Isolated from System Ground
  • Low Offset Voltage and current
  • The LM393 is a Dual in package comparator IC, meaning the IC has two comparators inside a single 8-pin package.
  • Applications

    • Voltage Comparator circuits
    • Can drive Relay, Lamp, Motor Etc
    • Zero Crossing detector
    • Peak voltage Detector
    • High Voltage protection/Warning
    • Oscillator circuits