PIC Development Board

3,500.00 Br

  • Mini PIC System Development Board Microchip PIC16F877 PIC16F877A
  • 4M crystal onboard, use socket, crystal frequency can be switched at any time.
  • 4 independent keyboard, connected to RB0 RB1 RB2 RB3
  • 8 LED connected to RD port, J3 plugged LED enabled, J3 unplugged RD port released completely.
  • RS232 communication standard interface, microcontroller computer communication interface
  • USB interface power supply (you can use another power supply)
  • External 5V DC power interface
  • power switch
  • Reset button
  • ICSP simulation programming interface (K150 PICKIT2 PICKIT3 ICD2 etc.)
  • VCC GND 8-pin power expansion interface, can be used to access or bring 5V power supply.
  • Microcontroller IO port pin leads, convenient expansion
  • temperature sensor ds18b20 interface
  • LCD1602 LCD interface
  • LCD12864 LCD interface
  • Mini PIC System Development Board Microchip PIC16F877 PIC16F877A
  • Onboard 4M crystal oscillator, the socket crystal frequency can be replaced at any time.The 4-bit independent keyboard is connected to RB0 RB1 RB2 RB3.
  • 8 LEDs are connected to the RD port.
  • When the J3 is plugged in, the LED is enabled. J3 is unplugged and the RD port is completely released.Standard RS232 communication interface, microcontroller board and computer communication interface.External 5V DC power interface (send USB power cable without additional purchase).ICSP programming simulation interface (can be connected to K150 PICKIT2 PICKIT3 ICD2 and other tools).VCC GND pin header power extension interface for access or lead-out of 5 volt power supplies.All IO ports of the MCU are easily extended by using pin headers.

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