ATtiny85 Microcontroller

200.00 Br

  • ATtiny85 is a high performance, low power 8-bit microcontroller based on Advanced RISC Architecture. It has 8 Kbytes of In-System Programmable Flash and is popular because of its compact size and its features.
  • ATTINY85 is cheap and easily available for experimenting
  • ATTINY85 has many reference data available making it easy to work with.
  • Also ATTINY85 provides many features in lesser pins.
  • With program memory of 8Kbytes the controller has satisfying memory for many applications.
  • With various POWER SAVE modes it can work on battery operated applications.
  • With its small and compact size it can be put in many small boards.
  • With watchdog timer and other features the use on ATTINY85 is further promoted.


  • Used in development boards.
  • Hobby projects
  • Drivers
  • Industrial control systems.‚Äč
  • SMPS and Power Regulation systems.
  • Analog signal measuring and manipulations.
  • Embedded systems like coffee machine, vending machine.
  • Display units.
  • Peripheral Interface system.

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