16*4 LCD Display

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  • 16 x 4 liquid crystal display is a basic LCD module used in DIy electronic projects and circuits.
  • In this LCD module, there are 4 rows every row consists of sixteen numbers.With the four rows in this module, there are sixteen columns.
  • LCD stands for liquid crystal display it mostly used in different electronic projects and devices to display different values.
  • LCD uses liquid crystals for the production of visible image.
  • Its operating voltage is plus five or plus three volts.
  • In this module there are 2 main types of register first one is data register and the second one is command register. The RS pinout is used for the change the register.
  • If we set zero then the register is command and at one data register will work.

Command Register

  • The main function of this register is to save instructions shown on display.
  • That help to a clearing of data changes the location of the cursor and display control.

Data Register

  • This register saves the date to display on the liquid crystal screen. When we send data to liquid crystal display it moves to the data register, processing of that data will initiate.
  • If we set the value of register at one then the data register will start operation.



  • Its functioning voltages are from 4.7 volts to 5.3 volts.
  • It uses one milliampere current for operation.
  • In this liquid crystal display, we can work both alphabets and numbers.
  • Every character of this board has 5 x 8 or 40 pixels.
  • It works on both four and eight bits mode.
  • It display screen backlight is two colour green and blue.

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